Would you like to be a Sacritan?  Read this and give it some thought.

Before Mass: Unlock the tabernacle and switch on sound system.  Turn on fan. Remove the cover on the altar and set up the altar, lighting the candles.  Set up the chalices, purificators etc.  Get hosts and wine out for offertory. Check that people have turned up for their ministries.  Put out collection baskets.  Put down screen and plug in laptop.

After Mass:  Put candles, water bowls away, turn off sound system.  Wash chalices and patens, put linen in wash bag, ensure tabernacle is locked, check doors are locked in church and turn off fan.

Does this sound like something that you could do?  Talk to one of the staff or one of the sacristans if you would like to do this ministry on Sundays or weekdays.