The Sacrament of Reconciliation & First Communion 2018

First Reconciliation Date: Friday 22nd June at 5.00pm at St Annes Church

First Eucharist Date: Sunday 23rd September at 9.30am Mass at St Marys Church

First reconciliation program will run 20th May until 17 June.

We start our first lesson on 20th May at St Annes Church at *4.30pm.  (Before 5.30pm Mass)

First Eucharist will run from 19 August until 16 September.        

We start our first lesson Sunday 19th August  at St Annes Church  at *4.30pm. (Before 5.30pm Mass)

*4.30pm lessons are so that the children can fully participate in the Mass after the lesson. We will break for public holidays.

All children from school year 4 and above are welcome. All parents are invited and encouraged to participate in the program. Children not yet baptised are also invited to participate, however the sacrament of Baptism will need

 to be administered to those not baptised before first reconciliation.

Confirmation 2018

This year Confirmation in the Catholic Parish of Whanganui will be celebrated by Bishop Charles Drennan on Sunday 9 September at the 6pm Mass.           

Registration by teenagers 14-15 years of age, as well as any adults who have previously not been confirmed, are   invited. Teenagers who have not been baptised need to contact Fr Marcus Francis.                                               

Participants who have not received First Reconciliation or First Communion likewise need to get in touch with Fr Marcus ahead of time.