Anointing of the Sick

When people get sick people are invited to pray for them asking God to assist them and the family in need. So your prayers are very important to those who are ill, we ought not never be afraid to pray and never underestimate the power of your prayer. Even if you have had a rocky life, you can still pray and in God’s way God will answer your prayer.

The church also offers prayers for those who are sick and also offers a sacrament called the Anointing of the Sick. There are two ways this can be done  Privately and publically with others

Privately normally means that a family member contacts the Parish to ask if a Priest can come to a  home, hospital, Hospice and to Prayer the Prayers of Anointing, and following in the example of James 5:14

[5:14] In case of sickness a Christian should ask for the presbyters of the church, i.e., those who have authority in the church (cf.Acts 15:2,2223;1 Tm 5:17;Ti 1:5). They are to pray over the person and anoint with oil; oil was used for medicinal purposes in the ancient world (seeIs 1:6;Lk 10:34). InMk 6:13, the Twelve anoint the sick with oil on their missionary journey. In the name of the Lord: by the power of Jesus Christ.

Publically is when we gather as a community and celebrate Mass together and all who are sick can receive the anointing.

Some frequently asked questions:

  • Do I need to be dying to receive anointing?   NO

  • Can I receive anointing more than once?   Yes

  • Once anointed and then if the person dies within a wee or two does the anointing need to be applied?   No

  • Is there a charge?  No

  • How do I contact the Priest?. Call the office.

  • When is the best time to call the priest to someone sick?  Earlier better than latter.  A characteristic of anointing is preparation.

  • Can anyone anoint a person? No only an Ordained Priest