Sunday Mass Times

Saturday Vigil: Holy Family -      5.00pm confessions

                                                       5.30pm Mass

Sunday Morning - St Mary's       9.30am Mass

Sunday Evening - St Annes         5.30pm Mass

Weekday Mass Times

Monday:      Holy Family              9.00am Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion

Tuesday:     Holy Family             10.00am Mass (with St Marcellin classes in term time) 

                  St Anne's                   11.30am Mass (with St Anne's classes in term time)

                                                             (No Mass during school holidays)                                        

                   St Mary's                    No Mass

Wednesday: Holy Family              9.00am Mass

                    St Mary's                  12.05pm Mass

Thursday:    Holy Family               9.00am Mass

                    St Mary's                   12.05pm Mass followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament          

Friday:        Holy Family               9.00am Mass

                  St Mary's                  11.00am confessions followed by Benediction                                                                                                                                      12.05pm Mass

Saturday Morning: St Anne's     9.00am confessions

                                                      9.30am Mass

Maori Eucharistic Communities

Kaiwhaiki: 1st Sunday of Month 11am , Jerusalem/Ranana 4th Sunday 10am Miha Maori 3rd Sunday of the month 9.30am  St Marys

The Sunday evening change to St Anne's has the approval of Bishop Charles for a period of one year and has been made with the suitability of the space or the size of the congregation and the liturgical day of 24 hours in mind. Larger Masses, such as the confirmation Mass on 9 September or Sunday St Mary's School Masses, will take place at St Mary's church.

The Tuesday Mass at St Mary's has been discontinued as parishioners prefer to attend Masses with the school children at Holy Family and St Anne's. We also have the work load of priests in mind both during the week and the school holidays. 

Rest Home Masses:

1st Tuesday of the month  10.30am Jane Winstone 

2nd Tuesday of the month 10.30am Kowhainui

3rd Tuesday of the month  10.30am Summerset 

4th Tuesday of the month  10.30am St Johns Healthcare