The Exploring Faith Group developed as a result of a number of people wanting an opportunity to reflect together with others on aspects of faith that they once took for granted and now had questions about.

The group has met regularly since 2009 to reflect on topics raised by members themselves.  These topics have ranged over questions about God, Reality, Scripture, Sacraments, Life after Death, Mary, Original Sin, Spirituality, the Rights of Lay People in the Church, and a host of other subjects.

Over the years, members have spoken of the growth they have seen in themselves, their growing awareness of God within them and the freedom they have experienced as a result of coming to the group.  An off-shoot from the evening group has been a day-time group formed at the request of interested people unable to attend at night.

The purpose of the group is not to provide answers but to stimulate wider and deeper reflection that leads to a fuller understanding of all that is related to the topic under discussion.

For further information contact:  Nancie and Brian Quigley Ph.347 8177

                                                    May Woods Ph. 344 3552                   

                                                    Sr John Bosco Kendall Ph. 348 7523