Funerals are times of great stress and sadness and part of our ministry as a Priest is to offer as much support as possible and to pray with you. What do we do when someone dies?

We like to be informed of a death, preferably by the family as we are family, and once advised we can contact all members on the prayer tree to pray for your loved ones and your family.

We welcome the opportunity of gathering with you to provide and organize  a beautiful liturgy or Mass for your deceased. Most times a member of our community will come and make initial preparation.  We would like you to ask us first about what is the best time that works for you, then we take that time to the Funeral directors.


  • Can you select a certain Priest?  Yes you can but sometimes he might be committed in another way.

  • Can we select our own music? Yes you can

  • Can we select our own readings? Yes you can

  • Can we have just a Liturgy of the Word. Yes you can, although we would prefer to have a Mass

  • Can we have prayers at night? Yes you can

  • Do we have to pray 5 decades of the Rosary? No you don’t

  • Can we have eulogies? Yes you can but not too many please and the evening pray and Rosary are a good time to do this

  • Are there books available for us to select from?  Yes refer site

  • Can we use hymn books instead of service sheets? Yes you can

  • Can we have some rosary books to assist us? Yes you can

  • Do we pay the Priest?   You can give a donation to the Priest  some funeral directors add that to your account , but it should never be added unless they ask you and how much you want to give.

  • Can someone Catholic be cremated? Yes they can

  • Do we need a casket or can the body be in a shroud?  Yes you can but this reqires a certain sensitivity to those attending the funeral.

  • Do  we need flowers on the Casket?  No you don’t