Marriage in the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church views marriage as a Sacrament. Just as love exists between Christ and His church that can never be broken, so we believe that Marriage between two people husband and wife should always have the intention of permanence.

We believe that marriage is a lifelong commitment where prayer and communication with each other and God are critical elements, as critical as oxygen to our body. We believe that love and the more time a couple spend communicating properly together, sharing meals together, having intimate times together are vital. Love grows by spending quality time with the person who you love, and spending time together in prayer and within Catholic communities.

Marriage in New Zealand and within Palmerston North Diocese.

The NZ government has strict instructions on the wedding licence regarding place and words that need to be spoken by all people getting married.

Regarding Place within the Palmerston North Diocese we would normally prefer a church setting, but we are open to felixibility .

Regarding Music  you will probably spend more time selecting music for your Marriage, so I as parish priest have virtually no  problem with any selection provided I am advise beforehand.

Regarding Preparation. Undertaking a Marriage course is a compulsory element most people sigh but most couples are very happy with the professionally run programs. You can attend any marriage preparaton course within your geographical area. All we require is a certificate of attendance If you have any problems don’t give up! Contact myself - Fr Brian Carmine. We need to talk, I want to talk, I want to make your Marriage day beautiful and personal.

Do I need to be Baptised?  No

Marriage form this is just an enquiry form their will be others, but this allows us to communicate

Please remember your marriage is the reason for the wedding guests. Your marriage is the reason for all the food, and invitations. It’s your marriage that creates the wedding, so please give as much time to the Marriage preparations as you do to the flowers or selecting the buffet.

Invite to wedding Feast: Most priests are happy to get a invite and are more comfortable with an official invite like you send to your friends. You don’t need to invite us.

Thanks God Bless